Weight can creep up on you. A bar of chocolate after a stressful day here, a bag of crisps or a couple of glasses of wine in front of the TV there and before you know it, you're going up a dress size. But, if you feel your weight or your eating (or both) are getting out of control, you can put yourself back in charge. I am both a fully qualified nutritional therapist and a clinical hypnotherapist and offer a unique combination of the two therapies (at no extra cost to you) so I can address both physical and psychological factors that may be affecting your health. I specialise in weightloss, including hormonal conditions such as PCOS, menopausal weight gain, low testosterone, hypothyroid and depression/anxiety-related over-eating. Why not come in and see me? This summer, you can even try before you buy. Your Initial Assessment (usually £115) is free! Click on the appointments tab in the menu and book your 1 hour consultation today. weightloss hypnotherapy

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New salad recipes

Bored of the same old meals? Research says most of us only make about 5 recipes on a regular basis. That's a lot of spag bol.. Apart from causing extreme boredom, there is also a concern that if you eat the same foods over and over again, you are limiting the range of nutrients you eat. So it pays … [Read More...]


The S Factor Diet eBook

 You can buy The S Factor Diet in traditional hard copy form from lots of outlets, but if you're an iPad or Kindle person, the only place to get the ebook is here http://sfactordiet.com/shop/ … [Read More...]


Signed copies of The S Factor Diet

Exclusive signed copies of the hard copy book are also only available here  http://sfactordiet.com/shop/ Great as gifts! The S Factor Diet is a brand new diet and cookery book that is based on my work as a nutritionist/hypnotherapist, working with real weight loss clients at my clinics in … [Read More...]



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Jo Rheam, 41, a working mother of two, is from Buckinghamshire. Jo came to us to lose weight, especially around her muffin top … [Read more...]


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