Welcome to my website, where you can book an appointment to see me, order books, CDs and diet kits and also get access to free stuff like recipes and recipe videos. I specialise in weightloss and hormone balance (including children and teens) and in particular programmes to support: Diabetes T1 &2, Hypothyroid, PMS, PCOS/ menopause, Bloating/ IBS (FODMAPs diets).Fertility/IVF optimisation. I am a nutritionist but partner this with clinical hypnotherapy to help you stick to a new eating plan, by beating cravings, compulsive over-eating,emotional eating, snacking and reducing portion size. So why not come and see me?  There is no charge to you for your Initial Assessment, including food diary analysis

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New East Finchley Clinic

Yet another new location, this time in North London. For those who prefer to stay local, I have a new clinic in East Finchley. If you’re a mum, the hours are ideal as they sit within school/nursery hours. Come and see me on Tuesdays 11am – 2pm. To book an appointment, just go to my appointments … [Read More...]


New Holborn Clinic

Good news for those who work full time in London or who live outside London. I have established a new clinic in Holborn. Close to both Chancery Lane tube and Euston/Kings Cross overline train stations, it means those who can’t get to North London can now come and see me. Plus, I’m offering evening … [Read More...]


Free Initial Assessment

My summer offer of a free Initial Assessment has been so successful , I am extending it into the autumn. Book your Initial Assessment now and there is no charge. This 30 minute consultation at any one of my three clinics includes a detailed food diary analysis and nutrition advice. To book your … [Read More...]


Now at The Hale Clinic

I am delighted to announce that I have joined The Prestigious Hale Clinic in London’s Regent’s Park. Opened by HRH Prince Charles, it offers the widest range of holistic treatments in Europe. I am honoured to become one of their therapists and will be running a clinic there on Friday evenings from … [Read More...]


New Book Coming Soon

I have just finished my new book. Called ‘The Hunger Type Diet?’ it examines the physical reasons behind things like comfort and boredom eating , which are often hormonally driven, and provides a range of food plans to solve the problem. It will be published by Nourish in January 2015 … [Read More...]



'I am amazed I don't miss potatoes,' says says Anne, 44, sales executive Anne came to us with PMS, low energy and a history of … [Read more...]


Jo Rheam, 41, a working mother of two, is from Buckinghamshire. Jo came to us to lose weight, especially around her muffin top … [Read more...]


'I want to be able to run about in the garden with my daughter' says Jose, 40, company director Jose came to us wanting to … [Read more...]


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